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Dr. Contreras  is excited to share the updated list of services available to his patients.

Vampire/P.R.P Therapy

 Dr. Contreras 

Dr. Contreras  now offers cosmetic procedures that produce younger-looking skin in a natural way.  The Vampire line of cosmetic procedures is a collection of techniques that use your own blood to heal and renew the skin and tissue of any area that is treated. By isolating growth factors and re-injecting them into the body, we are able to trick the body into triggering it’s natural healing responses without an actual wound occurring.

Please click on the name of any of the following  procedures (in red) to learn more about these fascinating treatments :

Facial Rejuvenation

The procedure for revitalizing the face is called the Vampire Facelift

Hair Regrowth

This procedure can also be applied in the treatment of thinning hair for both men and women.  This procedure is called Vampire Hair Regeneration.

Breast Enhancement 

Dr. Contreras  also offers a treatment that enhances the breast and cleavage area of women. This exciting procedure is called the Vampire Breast Lift.

Sexual Health

Sexual health issues can also be addressed by these procedures. The technique of adding healing growth factors to the vagina is called the O-Shot. The treatment for natural enlargement and renewal of the penis is called the P-Shot.

If you feel that any of these procedures may benefit you, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment by phone at (805) 525-4446 or contact our office via email at DoctorContrerasMD@Gmail.com

Dr. Contreras