Cosmetic Procedures


We are proud to offer our patients a new line of rejuvenating treatments for the skin and hair!

They use the patient’s own blood to cause the body to start producing more collagen and new skin in the desired area. This produces skin and tissue that looks and feels younger.

P.R.P Therapy

The P.R.P. line of cosmetic procedures is a collection of techniques that use your own blood to heal and renew the skin and tissue of any area that is treated. By isolating growth factors in the blood and re-injecting them into the body, we are able to trick the body into triggering it’s natural healing responses without an actual wound occurring

Due to these processes involving the use of blood (platelet-rich plasma) as a means of staying youthful-looking, they have been dubbed the P.R.P. procedures.

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The procedure for revitalizing the face is called the P.R.P. Facelift.

We also have a treatment that enhances the breast and cleavage area of women. This exciting procedure is called the P.R.P. Breast Lift.

This procedure can also be applied in the treatment of thinning hair for both men and women.  This procedure is called P.R.P. Hair Regeneration.

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