For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q: Do these procedures hurt?

A: No, we apply numbing cream to any area that will be undergoing a procedure. The most you will feel is a slight pinch from the needle.

Q: How long do these procedures last?

A: Up to a year  or more. The procedure produces collagen to grow naturally, which means that the new skin will age naturally as well. In about a year’s time (or sometimes longer, depending on many factors) the areas will need a reapplication of the procedure in order to maintain their results.

Q: Is there any recovery time or intensive aftercare after having these procedures?

A: No, there is minimal to no recovery time from the Vampire Procedures. Patients will have some slight redness and irritation at the injection sites for a day or two, but these can often times be obscured by light makeup.

Patients can receive a Vampire procedure in the afternoon and go out that evening without worry.

Q: Why choose the Vampire Facelift over any of the array of topical skincare products that promise similar results?

A:  You can receive better and much longer-lasting results with the Vampire Facelift. Any results gained from topical creams fade 2 to 4 weeks after daily usage is stopped, while the Vampire procedures last between 1 to 2 years after a single treatment.

Secondly, and somewhat surprisingly, the vampire procedure is less expensive. Topical skincare, while seemingly less expensive upfront, can actually cost approximately $250 per month in total.  That amount multiplied by 12 months would equal $3000 annually. A Vampire Facelift costs $1,900 by comparison, and lasts 12-18 months.