Sexual Health


Sexual health is an important element that contributes greatly to a patient’s quality of life. Due to social stigma and the fear of awkward conversations, it is an often overlooked part of a patient’s healthcare profile.

Here at the office of Victor Contreras, M.D. , we try and make addressing any of our patient’s medical needs as relaxed and non-stress inducing as possible. This includes medical needs regarding sexual areas of the body.

Many people have problems that they are too embarrassed to speak about with their physician, but the time for suffering in silence is over. The procedures we offer for these areas are both safe and effective.  Patients don’t need to worry when they have a consultation with Dr. Contreras, as he is both professional and compassionate. Even if the procedures we offer are not the best treatment option, we will do our best to direct the patient towards the right solution for them.

We offer two different procedures for the treatment of sexual health issues.  Both of these treatments are non-surgical and utilize the body’s own natural growth factors to enhance the appearance and function of intimate areas of the body. There is one treatment for women, and the other is for men.

Please click the name of any of the following procedures to know more about them. 

The procedure for women is called the O-Shot. This procedure results in a more healthy and youthful vagina, enhanced sensation and pleasure, and it also helps with menopausal and post-pregnancy incontinence.

The procedure for men is called the Priapus Shot, or the P-Shot for short. This procedure strengthens, straightens, and enlarges (width + length) the penis. It is also an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, and causes other E.D. treatments (Viagra, Cialis) to function better.